Customization Services
If you need to adapt Salesforce functionality to your companyís existing processes and workflows or improve them so as to make them more efficient and effective, we will help you customize your Salesforce experience. We can customize and personalize your existing CRM solution according to your business needs.

Our experienced consultants provide the fastest way to build custom cloud apps and Web sites.

With's simplified programming model and cloud-based run-time environment, we can help you build and run cloud computing applications 5 times faster, at about half the cost of traditional software platforms. Itís as simple as logging on to the platform, build the required app and deploy it instantly. Architecture and Design
Our consultants will assist in quick implementation and training for a successful launch, before building your application on the platform, our focused, client-centric team performs a thorough gap analysis between the product vision and the platform capabilities and the most relevant features of to your business practices. This includes

  • Requirements analysis and use case development
  • Architectural gap analysis and development roadmap
  • Solution architecture design and best practices guidance Application Development
At Riverdale, your critical applications are developed by SFDC experts who build native applications using Apex programming language, Visualforce and sites. We can help you build advanced automation functions or expand on the functionality of your existing CRM solution. We also have experience integrating composite applications with and packaging them for check out and the AppExchange. To meet your organizationís on demand needs, we provide

  • Agile software development process
  • Time bound, result-focused engagements
  • Knowledge transfer that leads to self sufficiency
  • Flexible engagement model that leverages on site, off site and offshore teams.
Build products on the platform using technologies such as Apex, Visualforce, APIs, web services, Controls: We develop custom solutions to enhance the functionality of for your business.

APP Exchange Product Development: Review components and apply custom controls to address your specific business needs.

For more information:
Email for more information on our services offerings. We also provide custom implementation services.