Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines. A proper website promotion and SEO of your website pages and listing in leading search engines will surely boost your business. Web site promotion is achieved with effective search engine optimization of your website for top listings in search engines.

Search engine marketing or SEM is a form of Internet Marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages through the use of search engine optimization, paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion.

How do you reach your target audience with your website? How do you think will prospective customers try to find information available on your website? How can you boost your website business enquiries? All this is possible with effective planning and website marketing.

The primary step in website marketing is to place right ads at the right place. This requires continuous planning and workforce effort. Internet marketing being a part of the services we offer, we can; with our set of experienced team assist you to do effective web marketing. We have designed and developed tools in internet marketing which when utilized in an organized way will help you reach maximum target audience. We use innovative ideas like Banner Ads, E-mail marketing, Blog marketing, Google Adwords etc to promote your website.

In internet marketing it is of prime importance that you do continuous advertising for your website to be noticed and listed in top listings. Frequent ads definitely donít go unnoticed and attract visitors to your website. The right information will generate enquires and help you close leads. We at Riverdale can assist you with all these latest techniques and market your website in major search engines as this is the best way to attract visitors to your website.

We at Riverdale offer you our best authentic techniques of SEO and assure you of our best services to improve your business. From helping you to choose the best keyword targets to seeing your website among the top positions on the major search engines, we will work with you to maximize your return on investment from our SEO services.

"Riverdale Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd Ē has been creative, thorough, and efficient in helping our organization with a cutting edge & customized website that gives our customers everything they want. The team has great talent, dedication & passion for web design & development.

Claudius Pereira , Co-Founder Maclanro Consulting , Bangalore - India

Our company has been working with Riverdale for some time now and are always very happy with the outcome! The staff are very friendly and they defiantly aim to please! We would defiantly recommend Riverdale!

Nicole Gray

"Our company Acadia Edge Group of Boston develops cutting edge technology solutions for clients seeking transformational products in health care, financial services, social media and sustainability. As such, the demands for rapidly learning new technology and deploying them in the market within a specific time window are very high. We have been working with Riverdale staff for almost 8 years now across various projects. I am impressed at how steadily the company has grown both in size and maturity, its agility to adapt to changing business needs, along with a consistent focus on system and delivery. In our latest project, requiring compex understanding of Facebook software in a dynamic environment, Riverdale engineers demonstrated tremendous can-do attitude and a strong sense of responsibility to launch our product on time. Riverdale's management also comprises a positive team, easily approachable and receptive to customer feedback at both good and bad times, which I feel is critical to making a client comfortable."

Chitro Neogy
Acadia Edge Group

I was impressed by the commitment displayed by the management to the social cause of helping to create a website for our NGO. Although the work was pro bono and in spite of their busy schedule, the employees were punctual, courteous and efficient ensuring that the work was completed and the experience was pleasant.

I congratulate the management on the quality standards they have established and the social responsibility that is a part of their business ethic.

All the Best
Olinda Timms